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Post  Jeremy Hull on Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:54 am

I started folk dancing about 15 years ago when I was in my 40s - my wife got me to go out to an international dance workshop one night in March, here in Winnipeg. I got hooked on it and we joined the group the following fall. The timing coincided with our children getting to the age where we could no longer assume that we would do things as a family, and of course as teenagers they weren't much interested in going dancing with their parents, so we found ourselves free to pursue our own interests. Eventually I became the main dance teacher/leader in our group, although thankfully many others have also become involved. I've dabbled in other types of folk dance, including English and Israeli, and several years ago I started learning and calling Irish set dancing with a newly formed group.

I play guitar and took up the fiddle about ten years ago, mainly so that I could play folk dance music. I play Irish music with a "slow" Irish band, and am a musician with a local Morris Dance group, as well as being part of our international folk dance "elastic band" - we usually play a short set for our dance parties, and anyone who wants to is welcome to join the band as a musician or singer. I used to also play with an English country dance band, but quit recently because of lack of time and a desire to have more time to see my young grandson and his parents. I have been working on clawhammer banjo lately as well, and a little cura saz hangs on my wall, but I really need a teacher to get me started on that project, as well as more time. My free time has also been eroded over the past two years as I became heavily involved in a newly formed cycling advocacy organization. As a self-employed type working out of home I am gradually reducing my work time and increasing my "hobby" time although I am increasingly having trouble distinguishing between the two.

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