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More on terminology

Post  denismurf on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:32 pm

When this forum was being organized, we also considered using "lite" or "laid back" instead of "inclusive" and "serious" or "advanced" instead of "performance-level." This terminology is subject to discussion and can be changed, if there's consensus for doing so.

Here's another example of what we mean, from Buffalo in late 80's. When we (Denis and Judy) arrived in 1987, there was one fairly large group (30 to 40 per Friday night) that did Balkan dances, in addition to many others, once a week on the State University of NY @ Buffalo campus. Using our term, it was Full Service - a (frequently tense, uneasy) mix of perpetual beginners, ethnics, off-duty performers with the Buffalo Balkan Dancers, and all attitudes and capabilities in between. Because of circumstances that don't matter here, this group broke in two. Members had to choose which to continue with because both groups danced on the same night (long story on that). One of the resulting groups was Inclusive, and the other was Performance-Level. The former retained the relaxed dancers and the ethnics, included a lot of mixers and novelty dances with the Balkan, and drew in a dribble of beginners from the university. The latter retained the performers and the Balkan devotees, did about 80% Balkan, but were cut off from a beginner stream. It was like a divorce. Both parties were much happier after the initial dismay and acrimony subsided (even though obviously both paid a price in decreased attendance).

If anybody in this forum was there for these events, feel free to correct my memory or interpretation of them. -- Denis


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