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Definitions and rules

Post  denismurf on Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:09 pm

We'd like to use the term Balkan-Ethnic dance in this forum to represent all line and circle dances from eastern Europe and the Middle East commonly done to recordings or live music at recreational international folk dance groups and at ethnic and special events.

Most people reading this have experienced folk dance discussions where opinions were, shall we say, strongly held.

To prevent such strongly held opinions from showing up here as attacks on people or on ways of doing things, we will moderate postings and beg you in advance to reread your language before hitting that send button. We all want our own special dance interests to prosper, and I sincerely believe all can prosper if all work together and treat each other with respect. It is possible to be absolutely honest about you think works or doesn't work and at the same time to respect the intentions, integrity, and intelligence of the human beings who hold different views from your own.

The next, and possibly final, round of setting this forum up will be to channel posts into distinct types of dance event flavors, such as:
1) Inclusive groups/events: Dancers come to socialize as well as dance, and the group tends to accept minor changes in steps and styling that do not disrupt the flow of the line.
2) Performance-level periodic groups or special events, usually to recordings, where dancers are expected to know and do exactly what "the book" says. Some perform for an audience, some don't.
3) blends of 1 and 2.
4) ethnic or folky small or big venue events with live music and no teaching.

The assumption here is that what works to grow attendance or attract newbies at 1 probably does not work for 2, for example.


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