Stefce and Dragi - Macedonian musicians

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Stefce and Dragi - Macedonian musicians

Post  Sonia on Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:55 pm

We're lucky enough to have Kafana Klub play for us every Tuesday at a pizza place, and every so often they host visiting musicians. This Tuesday, Stefce Stojkovski, visiting from Macedonia, and Dragi Spasovski, now living in Seattle but originally from Macedonia, played and sang for us. The energy of the evening was wonderful - warm, sweet, and connected. I felt blessed, absorbing the sight and sound of Stefce's gajda, Dragi's singing and dancing, and a room full of happy dancers.

I noticed one advantage to live music. I was leading a čoček line, and even though I was taking small steps, the spiral was getting more and more tightly wrapped in the center. Just as I was contemplating whether to turn and try to spiral out, or duck under someone's arm, the musicians brought the song to a close. Whew!

Another advantage of live music is having the musicians and singers in the center of the circle, and dancing around them, sending them appreciation with every step and being acknowledged in return. I've now had the pleasure/pain of a close interaction with a zurna, too. That innocent-looking little horn is LOUD!

There was a wonder to the evening that I don't really have words for. I've had great evenings dancing to recorded music too, but this had an extra magic all its own.

What do you like about dancing to live music? Have you had a great dance evening lately that you'd like to share?



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